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Furniture “Silla KaBe” / 2014.

The chair “KaBe“, has been designed for the KingBAR terrace restaurant.


KaBe” is stackable, light and refresh the image of cuban craft productions.

Simple materials ex: bars and sheets readily available make the solution most attractive for cuban market.


The structure of this chair is flexible. If It combines metal with other materials, the same structure allows to obtain different products with strong expressive differences. So “KaBe” can be in different environments.


Today we work to improve the surface finishing and reducing the frequency of maintenance. “KaBe” can be in black, white, blue and metallic green.

KaBe” in the expo and the catalog (P. 38) of the Bienal de Diseño de La Habana. 2016


Copyright registration CENDA: 3354-10-2014


Second author: Eddy M. Corado Atencio. Production: Hector Rosales.