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Product “Ozoney-T” / Cuba / 2006.

“Ozoney-T” is a water purificador which use ozone.

Ozoney-T can guaranty 5 liters of drinking water in 10 minutes which reduse significantly the power consumption, versus to the energy consumption needs for boiling 5 liters of water on an electric burner.


The equipment fulfills the basic function with a system: the ozone generator, the water container and the activated carbon filter (renewable).

The product image is very simple and emphasizes the areas of use (button) with blue color which identifies the ozone generation.


The ozone machinery was conducted by researchers from the CENIQ.

The success of the solution lies in adapting of the product to the adverse conditions of daily life at Cuban houses. “Ozoney-T” guarantees obtaining Safe Drinking Water.

Another author: Miguel Gómez Florido.