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Furniture for bars / 2015.

With simple lines made of wood, metal and textile this set of furniture has been made for use in bars and restaurants.

The chairs and the banquettes share formal and structural features that both make production easier and increases the usability. In addition to black, they come in white, grey, brown, and natural wood.



The armless chairs below are comfortable to sit in while eating. They can be linked / connected in rows or split, which makes it easy to rearrange the space. The collection comes with various fabric choices, including customised fabric. It is recommended to choose wine-stain-resistant textile without affecting the material’s resistance to fire.


There are three kinds of tables in this restaurant: rectangular, square and round (of which you see two pictured above), all made of metal and wood, with height adjustments.

These are the dimensions of the tables: 700 mm x 600 mm, 700 mm x 700 mm and the roundtables are from 650 mm to 750 mm.

Surface finishes can be applied in a variety of ways.