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Product Ozoney-T / Cuba / 2006.

Ozoney-T, a water purifier by ozone, can guarantee 5 liters of drinking water in 10 minutes.

This equipment significantly reduces the power consumption compared with the needed energy to boil 5L water on an electric stove. To boil water is the most common way to make the drinking water safe in Cuba.



Ozoney-T consists of an ozone generator, a water container, and a renewable activated carbon filter. Together these components purify the water.

This product has a simple form that makes it user-friendly. The power button is on left side and the blue circle is the start button to generate the ozone which flows from above and injects the tank.



A researcher team from CENIQ provided the ozone machinery.

Ozoney-T can guarantee Safe Drinking Water in the daily life of Cuban houses.

Still waiting for mass production.

Part of design team: Ing. Miguel Gómez Florido.