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Space Casa Teatro GAIA / Havana, Cuba / 2006-2007.

Casa Teatro GAIA is a private house located at Teniente Rey street in the Old Havana, Cuba. The house combines the normal functions of a living space with several functions serving the needs of a community space.

Thus, it is both the Casa GAIA owner’s home and a space for creativity and enjoyment.



The 16 large original areas on the property have changed. Together with the owner, I renovated an old private house by replacing the original housing functions with new functions, including structures and functions that allow for inventiveness. It is now easy to create theatre performances all over the place. A huge living room can turn into a gallery.

The largest room is now a screening room. The main kitchen is bigger than before, and a new office-studio is incorporated into the kitchen. There is also a space for celebrations and meetings.

Outside, belonging to the house, was a 300 m² terrace. Here we built two new indoor rooms: a mask workshop and modern bathrooms. A new and smaller terrace completes the space and serves as the main showground for theater performances.


While the green colour marks the new buildings and the yellow marks what is left of the original house, the red colour flows down the walls from the ceiling, before “splashing” on the floors. This gives the house character.


The Casa Teatro Gaia aesthetic is disruptive and cheerful.

The lack of materials defined the whole process. The furniture was simplified to the maximum. There are many traditional design solutions in Cuba. However, lack of material requires and inspires new answers, resulting in unconventional aesthetics.


 GAIA Theatre of Havana reflects a different but respectful vision in the historic Old Havana.


Above, the office over the kitchen


Above, a detail of the kitchen / studio.

Below, a detail of the living room / gallery.