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Product Laser Lancet / Cuba – Mexico / 2007-2009.

Laser Lancet or in Spanish “Lanceta Laser” by bralax is a clinical laboratory equipment developed to extract a drop of blood. It makes a micro perforation in the finger by a laser
pulse without touching the patient.

This equipment has two parts: the trigger which houses the laser, and the base which contains the controls and the electronic components.


(Design Process Picture)

Laser Lancet ensures the patient safety by controlling the entire process: power, time, and place for shooting.

The lab technician selects the power, according to the patient’s skin – soft, medium or hard.

A LED lights up when the equipment is ready to shoot.

Then, a sensor finds the exact position on the patient’s finger without touching it.


(Prototype, 2009)

Laser Lancet is not painful, thanks to a fine and low power shot which lasts a few milliseconds. It is easy to maintain, has energy autonomy, does not generate waste, and it can perform more than 10 million shots with the same initial efficiency, before you have to replace the laser. A prick costs 0.0002 USD (in 2009).

Project development according to the innovation and design process.


(Step forward concept picture)

Prize BID-10 Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño, 2010 Spain. Prize for the best product in industrial design from Cuba “Lanceta Laser” in English “Laser Lancet “Catalog p.100-101, product 150: “Lanceta Laser” by bralax in cooperation with IPN, Mexico, 2010.

Patent Owner: Professor, Luis Ponce Cabrera (Contact on Linkedin)

Design Team: Di. Alejandro, Rosales Trinchet, Ing. Miguel Gómez Florido, José L. Cabrera, Di. Manuel Gozález, Michel Aguilar, Angel Fornaris, Jacqueline Ramirez.