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Product Cutlery / 2011.

With Cutlery by David Berdellans (at that time student) and Alejandro Rosales Trinchet (at that time supervisor) we wanted to guarantee that we created something truly innovative, interesting, and new.


Cutlery is presented in two material groups, the single-use / biodegradable and the reusable / sustainable. The product combines the function of a tong with a knife, in one piece.


The user uses the precision grip (involving the tips of the thumb and index finger). When eating, the tong is in front. When cutting food, or when opening for example a clam, one rotates the cutlery vertically, placing the knife in front.


We plan to develop the industrial solutions for this cutlery. It will incorporate new materials that are 100% compatible with the environment. Also, we plan to design “luxury” variants for collectors.

Salao Design Casa Brasil, 2011. Product design prize (Modality: students) for “Cubiertos para Pastas” – by David Berdellans (student) and Alejandro Rosales Trinchet (supervisor).