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Furniture. Sillita de Noche, Cuba, 2014.

Sillita de Noche (the little table beside the bed) is three products in one. The functions of a nightstand and a night lamp are incorporated into the form of the chair. The inspiration for the design was my own use of a chair with a lamp as a nightstand. Realizing that I was not the only person using a chair for this purpose, with some sense of humor, I decided to design this “three-
in-one” product. In the context of a time, in the otherwise government-controlled Cuba, allowing for individual creativity on a small scale, I thought: Why is this not a product?

In Cuba at that time (2014) some people who own their own houses and apartments re-functionalized their living spaces: a living room, a terrace, a balcony, or an entrance portal could become a guest room. Many homes have become small hostels in this way. It is exactly in this kind of inventive spaces that the “naïve” “chair-nightstand-lamp” would fit.


Sillita de Noche is also well suited for small living spaces and in houses or apartments where many generations are living together in Cuba. Sillita de Noche retains the visual expression of a common chair, while providing a drawer to
store some belongings and offering a light to see in the dark.

It will be produced in small series and delivered in small volumes.

“Sillita de Noche” was a finalist at the Salao Design CASA BRASIL 2015, Modalidad/Profesional, Categoría/Muebles para Dormitorios.


Assistant designer: Eddy M. Corado Atencio.