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Furniture. Asiento Gaspar, Cuba, 2014.

Asiento Gaspar is an assembled structure made of cedar wood with irregularly shaped legs. This is both esthetically interesting and functional. Because the four legs have different shapes, the contact areas when one chair is stacked upon another is reduced.

The seat of the chair is either made of cork or reused wood.


Asiento Gaspar is inspired by the Cuban taburete, a traditional chair, which is defined by a sturdy square seat. Asiento Gaspar bears a resemblance to the traditional chair but has a significantly lower backrest, making it comfortable for shorter stays in cafés.

I am planning to develop new versions with seats and backrests made of leather and natural fibers, which will make the Asiento Gaspar chair even more alike the original source of inspiration. The chair is named after my grandfather who was a carpenter.



Chair Gaspar