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Furniture. Silla KaBe, Cuba, 2014.

The chair (silla) KaBe was designed for KingBAR‘s outdoor restaurant.


KaBe is light and stackable, made of iron bars and metal sheet – the most commonly available metal material in Cuba.

Nevertheless, with its simple form, KaBe is disruptive in relation to the more decorated traditional Cuban chairs produced with the same material. The simple design makes it attractive for the Cuban market.


The structure is adaptable. It is possible to produce variations of the chair by changing the combination of material. Thus, KaBe can fit different environments.


It is still possible to improve the surface finishing to reduce the maintenance frequency. The chair you see in the picture was produced in metallic gray. However, other colour options were black, white, blue and metallic green.


Copyright / CENDA: 3354-10-2014


KaBe in expo and catalog (P. 38) of the First Biennal Design in Havana. 2016

Assistant designer: Eddy M. Corado Atencio. 

Production: Hector Rosales.